Meet “R”- Ryan

Ryan is an artist who has been blessed with so many gifts, one of which is his ability to connect with clients. His ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera is quite unique. Every session is a fun adventure with Ryan, even for those who fear being in front of the lens! As an artist he specializes in graphic design and photography. He is all-things-technical when it comes to photography, and this combined with his natural artistic eye makes him a dynamite shooter. He’s the strong backbone of our operation; we wouldn’t be where we are today without his hard work and years of shooting experience.

Meet “C”- Christina

Christina is responsible for at least half of the work behind the camera, but almost 100% of the work in front of the computer. A lover of all things photography. A tireless editor of your photos. A student of trending photography poses and editing techniques. All this while simultaneously keeping the world up to date on what is happening and trending at c r photos. The list of the positive qualities and contributions she brings is quite exhaustive. As an artist, Christina has a love for fine art photography which fuels her desire to create original works of art while capturing her subject. She’s always looking for new shooting ideas and whimsical locations around town for our sessions. She is passionate about continuing education in her field to ensure c r photos is current and on top of the latest trends in photography.

Where it all began

Ryan and Christina attended the same college for visual arts, and while they were there at separate times they both fell in love with photography in the same class room. It was in the dark room at Roberts Wesleyan College where they developed their first roll of film that the sparks began to fly beginning their relationship with photography.

We Are A Well Oiled Machine

Having been working together for 9 years now, we’ve developed a system that helps us work at our best! Our experience together enables us to be creative and efficient all while capturing the most precious moments of your life. We recognize that being in front of the camera can be daunting for many people out there. Well guess what, not anymore! We pride ourselves in making picture taking fun and memorable. Creating memories behind the lens is just as important as what is captured in front.

Photography isn’t just something we do, it’s a part of who we are. We truly LOVE what we do and for that we consider ourselves blessed. Let’s chat about how we can make your photography dreams come true!

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