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It’s hard to find the words to express the joy it is to share these images. A new life is ALWAYS a miracle made in the image of God but this baby here has been long awaited. Claire and I grew up together and from the time we were old enough to remember we were playing dolls and dreaming of being mommies. Time passed and we found some handsome guys to marry and soon after started our families. However, unlike little girls dreams, real life is sprinkled with the unexpected. While we did become mothers, Claire’s journey was one wrought with sorrow and heart break as heaven welcomed two of her precious babies. Their faith was tried and their hopes of expanding their family began to fade over the years as they came to peace with God’s will for their family. Nearly 8 years later, the prayers so many were answered. Not only is there a healthy baby on the way but it’s a healthy baby GIRL! A true life-long dream finally coming true for my dear friend, Claire. So yes, we trudged through the very freezing snow to capture this beautiful momma and her family as they anticipate the arrival of this long awaited baby girl.



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