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Once upon a time a little 2 year old went on her first date. She squealed with excitement as her mommy woke her from her nap; the day had come and she could finally get all dressed up for this joyous occasion. The mommy helped her baby girl step into that special dress the two year old pick out just for this day, and desperately tried not to think of the day she would help her climb into another white dress… After they made sure her dress was perfect and her hair was tidy, the little girl slowly walked down the stairs to see her (somewhat nervous) date… The man she calls Daddy.

She ran to his arms with giggles and squeals only a two year old little girl knows how to deliver. She spun around with pride as she showed off her new dress and shoes. She was over joyed, and so was her Daddy. He took her out for a fine meal of chicken fingers and mac’n cheese then brought her home to enjoy a milkshake by candle light. It was the little girls dream come true ( her mommy’s dream come true as well I might add) a special first date for a very special little girl.

These are the moments we live for.

That little girl and her Daddy.




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