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These two, what a joy and absolutely picture perfect couple to photograph. Alley entered our Love Story contest a few years ago and won a session which she inturn used as their engament photos. From there we were thrilled to be selected as their wedding day photographers! What a perfect day it was, beautiful weather, great locations, and a couple so ready to be husband and wife! This post has been a long time coming, it’s actually closer to their one year anniversary than their wedding. However, I’m sure a little walk down memory lane would make any bride’s day a happy one.

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Alley and Shaun did a “first look’ meaning they saw each other before the actual ceremony. It was romantic and intimate as they shared such a beautiful moment together!

meet1 meet2 02_FirstLook_248 02_FirstLook_254 meet3 02_FirstLook_259

Since Alley is a dancer, they also shared a private dance together. It was so sweet to watch then, so much love in that room!

meet4 02_FirstLook_115 meet5 02_FirstLook_099

From there we were able to capture these two with their bridal party, what a fun group!

03_Session_276 sessopn5 session6 03_Session_171 session7-1 session1 session2 session3 session4 03_Session_187 session8 03_Session_443 session10 03_Session_485 session13 03_Session_631 session14 03_Session_512 session21 03_Session_689 session23 03_Session_692 session25 03_Session_689-bnw 03_Session_719 03_Session_698 session31

Next up, getting married!

1 04_service_120 123 3.jpeg-1 04_service_158 04_service_222 5 04_service_350-copy 04_service_377 04_service_353 6 04_service_329 9 11 7 04_service_556 04_service_566 session36 03_Session_862 session35 CR4_0885 03_Session_804-bnw

Let the celebration begin! With many trained dancer at this wedding it was one awesome dance floor!

cake 07_Toast_031 reception1 07_Toast_084 toast2 07_Toast_119 07_Toast_052 07_Toast_004 dance1 08_Dances_028 dance2 dance3 08_Dances_149 dance4   cake2 09_Reception_057 cake4 09_Reception_150HDR dance-1 dance4       dance6-1 dance5 session37 03_Session_975 03_Session_954

Fantastic end to a wonderful day, the bugs were some sort of crazy but they added a little character to our traditional “goodbye” shot.

Happy marriage to these two 😉





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