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 What a privilege to capture these two on their wedding day. It was a cold day in Rochester, but the sun smiled on our newly weds just as it was setting! It was a wonderful way to start our 2016 wedding season. Enjoy a little walk down memory lane from the bride and groom.

Our Wedding Day

Her: I was very calm that morning just counting down the hours until I could finally call him mine. I loaded the dishwasher one last time as a single woman, I flung my honeymoon bag in the car and I headed to the salon for my wedding hair appointment. I kept trying to drink in every moment. I was trying to remain present in the hustle and bustle of the hair and makeup around me, but I kept dreaming about our future together and yet still having a hard time believing it was all coming true in just a few short hours.
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Him: I was nervous, scared, happy, excited and wide awake all night leading up to the wedding day. As the day began I felt calm and excited that its finally here. All the planning and preparation was done, all we needed now is for everyone to be where they need to be on time. For me that was for my groomsman and my family to be places on time. We headed to breakfast and met with my groomsman to finalize a couple of things.
Her: When I arrived at the church, the whole day sped up. It was time to put the dress on to get some individual shots with my bridal party. And the reality of it all was hitting me. It was time to marry the love of my life! My bridal party and my mom prayed around me for our marriage that was about to happen and then my dad came in to see me for the first time and walk me down the aisle.
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Him: I was very glad that my family, my groomsman and all important members of the wedding party arrived on time. Once I got the dressing room for the men it was a party. We got ready and I can breathe a sigh of relief that the moment is upon us.
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Her: Walking down that aisle, I wanted the moment to last forever. All my friends and family were there and there was my handsome fiancé waiting for me at the end of the aisle ready to entwine his life with mine.
Him: As Shaelise walked down the aisle towards me, everything stopped and my focus was all on her. My hands were folded one over the other, my shoulders laid relaxed and my chin up eyes opened wide. When she finally stopped infront of me and her father handed her off to me I began to tear up. It hit me that this is my wife and the person i will be spending the rest of my life with.
Her: Those few short moments on the stage marked the start of our journey as husband and wife. Our vows were the spoken promises that built the foundation for our marriage. We wanted our first act as husband and wife to be taking Holy Communion together. It was a beautifully private moment but we were publicly declaring our faith and the foundation that our marriage is built on.
Him: It was hard standing up infront of our friends and family and not kiss my wife before we said I do. She looked very beautiful and full of happiness like I’ve never seen before. I wanted to put the ring on her finger and say”I do” over and over again so I can kiss her.
Her: We did it! We got married! The pure joy surging through me the moment we were announced as husband and wife and I was given my new name of Shaelise Tor!
Him: Who knew getting married was such work! Planning, organizing, communicating and having all the emotions invested made for one big finale of a wedding. When we were pronounced Mr and Mrs Tor it was a big weight off because were we finally married.
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     Her: The rest is history. After some freezing cold photos that Ryan and Christina so beautifully captured as the sun set, it was party time!

Intros_093 Dances_006 Dances_180 momma Dances_293
Him: Ryan and Christina were very professinal and at the same time I thought we could have stopped shooting and I could breakout passing the ball with Ryan. Having both professional experience and a very friendly personality really made Ryan and Christina the right choice for us. I was very happy with the male and female perspective that they brought to our shoots.
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Her: Two months later and here we are. Marriage really is an amazing journey. We are more in love than the day we said I do and continue to learn new things about each other with each passing day. Him: My WIFE said it best. Its been an amazing journey in this marriage so far and I look forward to where and what life brings for us.
Congratulations to you both again, we were honored to share in so many wonderful memories with you and your families!



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