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My sister lives out of state so we don’t get to see our nieces and nephew as often as we like! Earlier this year all four kids stayed with my parents while my sister moved to a new house. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap some shots while they were here! A little make shift studio at my parents place and some puppy love was all we needed to capture these cuties.

uriah1 Frucheyfour_162 uriah2 uriah3 uriah4 uriah5 Frucheyfour_082 uriah7 uriah6 Frucheyfour_052 Frucheyfour_162 alethea6 alethea5 Frucheyfour_381 alethea7 alethea4 Frucheyfour_175 Frucheyfour_225 alethea1-1 alethea2 alethea3 Frucheyfour_260 Frucheyfour_514 twins5jpg Frucheyfour_485 twins1 Frucheyfour_532 twins7 Frucheyfour_491 Frucheyfour_604 Frucheyfour_437 Frucheyfour_585 Frucheyfour_628 twins2

I know, obviously we have the cutest nieces and nephew alive! 😉





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