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As you may have noticed, it’s been a little quiet around here; don’t worry we’re still here! It’s just been a very busy season for us, as we’ve been tremendously blessed the past few months.  We have much to celebrate as we step into this new year. For starters, in late October we purchased our first home!






Then just to keep things interesting we got a puppy for Christmas 😉 Welcome little Friday to the family! CR8_0059

We didn’t do Christmas cards this year, we were a little too busy with moving and finishing up our 2016 wedding season. However, we did set up that trusty tripod just to get a few photos to remember our first Christmas in our very own home. christmas2016__073

christmas2016__067 christmas2016__079 christmas2016__080 christmas2016__112christmas2016__111 christmas2016__136

And…we have one more surprise coming this spring!christmas2016__143 christmas2016__194 christmas2016__205

Nadia is still getting use to the idea 😉 christmas2016__220 christmas2016__316 christmas2016__373 christmas2016__382 CR4_2705 CR4_2707 CR4_2711 CR4_2712 CR4_2713 CR4_2718 CR4_2734 CR4_2758 CR4_2764 CR4_2788



Nadia is getting a baby brother!

We are SO excited and overwhelmed with the many blessings God has given us in this season of our life. We keep asking each other “is this real life”, and somehow it is. God has been good, and we have so much to be thankful for!  Thanks to all of you for being more than understanding as we moved and adjusted to the new norm; your blogs, galleries and albums are coming soon! We are looking forward to a fun filled 2017 as we welcome a new baby and create so many wonderful memories with our dear clients this year!




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