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Category: c r happenings

The Secret Life of a Photographer

So, what we're about to tell you stays between us, please don't spoil our secret... Here's a look into the life of a photographer. We watch Netflix all day Obviously photographers don't really work. It's all just fun and games. We're self employed, that doesn't mean we don't work, it actually means we never stop working. There's always something to finish, someone to e-mail, an order to fill, a camera to fix, a lens to clean, and a bill...

Booking Update for 2017

As many of you know, we will be welcoming baby number two very shortly! We are very excited and anxiously awaiting his arrival. We are also looking forward to a very full wedding season which starts just a few short weeks after we expect our little one to arrive. Since we have a completely full year of weddings we are only accepting family sessions on a limited basis.  In order to give all our clients our best work we need to maintain a...

Counting our Blessings

As you may have noticed, it's been a little quiet around here; don't worry we're still here! It's just been a very busy season for us, as we've been tremendously blessed the past few months.  We have much to celebrate as we step into this new year. For starters, in late October we purchased our first home! Then just to keep things interesting we got a puppy for Christmas ;-) Welcome little Friday to the family! We didn't do...

R. Family:Genesee Vally Park NY

Seven years ago these two awesome people got married, and I braved my first wedding with Ryan. Needless to say a lot has happened since that day! C R PHOTOS was born, and two precious little children joined Jason and Teressa's family. We've loved being a part of so many big life events with this family and we're looking forward to many...

B. Family: Black Creek Park NY

In the midst of our busy wedding season this little family session was a breath of fresh air. It was over 90 degrees and the sun was shining something fierce, but this family all the way from Florida was a dream to work with. We're so happy for Emily and Bill as they have taken on this new role as parents so...

New York, New York

We celebrated our five year anniversary this past weekend in NYC. It was awesome to say the least. We've been to NYC several times together, but it had been years since we'd visited the popular tourist locations, so that's just what we did! It was raining when we arrived, so we did what everyone else in NY does when it rains... pulled out our umbrella and continued walking. Oh, and played Marry Poppins. We...

A Sad Goodbye

In October of 2010 I bought my first car. It was a shiny 1999 Chevy Prizm, an obvious beauty. I paid cash, which was a huge accomplishment for me but it also left my pockets feeling pretty lonely. Ironically, two weeks later I got hit by another driver. Nothing serious, just a few dents and scrapes but the insurance money I received was the same amount that I paid for car. It was a blessing in disguise as we were in the middle of  planning our...