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We celebrated our five year anniversary this past weekend in NYC. It was awesome to say the least. We’ve been to NYC several times together, but it had been years since we’d visited the popular tourist locations, so that’s just what we did!

one CR8_2993

It was raining when we arrived, so we did what everyone else in NY does when it rains… pulled out our umbrella and continued walking.


Oh, and played Marry Poppins.

three CR8_3019 NYC_0214 four life six NYC_1243

We had no idea how nice our hotel room was going to be, so you could imagine our surprise when we realized it was not only bigger and more wonderful than we expected, but it was also on the 22nd floor directly across from the new Freedom Tower. The view was amazing

eight CR8_3243 CR8_3407 CR8_2925 NYC_0067

Even the pigeons walk with a strut in NYC.

CR8_2879 ten CR8_3410 CR8_3479 CR8_3606 CR8_3555 CR8_3589 thirteen CR8_3595 NYC_0665 CR8_3686 sicteen NYC_0760 NYC_0772 CR8_3704 CR8_3767

Had to get a picture with Annie Moore; it’s a tradition.

CR8_3773 CR8_3827

Craziest squirrels ever live in NYC.

CR8_3847 NYC_0557

Totally worth all the walking after seeing Nadia’s reaction when we gave her a Bitty Baby! Secretly I just wanted an excuse to go into the store myself 😉


We took a lot more picture on our phones too, but you get the basic idea. Ryan also go some incredible shots of the Freedom Tower that deserve a separate post, so more to come soon! We had a great time, made lots of new memories and got to spend three days together without interruption; we’re ready to take on the world now.





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