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Nick & Marisa: Colgate Divinity

This beautiful red headed bride! She's a stunner, and while we were honored to photographer her wedding, part of our hearts were sad watching our babysitter become a wifey! I guess we can forgive Nick for taking her away, we know he loves her more than words can say. You two make a handsome pair, and you know how to trow a memorable...

Jon & Amy: Memorial Art Gallery

What a beautiful walk down memory lane. This sunny August day was so beautiful as family and friends gathered to celebrate Amy and Jon! Such a fun group that made celebrating this union so...

Jeff & Shannon: Nazareth College/Woodcliff Hotel

What a wonderful time celebrating the union of Jeff and Shannon! The day finally came, and it was sweet and beautiful. A man and woman became Mr. and Mrs. and I'm pretty sure not a single soul at that wedding didn't celebrate like it was 1999. What a fun group! Thank you for making our jobs easier as you spread your infectious...

Reed & Breanna: Rochester Riverside Convention Center

These two tied the knot two days after our little Ronan was born! Ryan was amazing as well as our back up shooter Lisa who was ready to cover for me while I was in the hospital. As disappointed as I was that I couldn't be there to photograph their beautiful day, I could feel all the love they share editing their photos. They are seriously one of the sweetest couples, they actually sent Ryan home early so he could be with me and the baby; who...

Baby M. Lifestyle Newborn session

Remember when this little one was still cooking? Well, she arrived and she's perfect! I loved capturing her sweetness in her new home with her adorable sisters! These girls are going to have the greatest memories together, they remind me of my sisters and I as little girls. The little giggles they'll share throughout the years will get them through the little fights that are sure to follow. But no matter what they'll have each others backs,...

Baby A. Newborn Session

Sweet baby girl, you've made the world a better place. Your arrival was anticipated by so many, and you're sweet little smile has changed the world. You're loved more than you know, and we're so excited to watch you grow! Just don't grow up too fast now little one... ...

Marco & Aimee: Glen Edith Proposal

Once upon a time a boy fell in love with a girl...so he decided to ask her to marry him. A team of little helpers created a romantic walk down memory lane for the couple. Candles lit their path as they walked hand in hand towards their future. The little helpers hid all over the room anxiously waiting...the boy asked, the girl said "yes" and very soon they will become man and wife. Squeals of joy and happiness filled that little room as family...